Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wish I Could Do It All...

Lately I've been having a quarterlife crisis. Okay, not really, I've just thinking about careers and stuff like that, and I just wish I could have about 10. Seriously. Here's just a few that I would love:

1. STARS Nurse. Ever since our class went and toured the STARS base last year, I have been convinced this is my dream job. I'm definately NOT a routine person, and its no different for nursing. Long-term care? Boring and monotonous. Community health? Kill me. Throw me into Emergency, Labor and Delivery, or at an accident scene and I would love it. Now, I don't mean to sound overconfident, infact I'm sure I would be quite the opposite if I were to go work there right now, but with some experience I think it would be very rewarding to work in any of these places. My current game plan? Graduate in December, take the Emergency course while working in the ER, potentially get my Paramedic after a year or so, then slowly try to creep my way into STARS however I can. We'll see how it goes!
2. Photographer. Of course. I just love it, and would love to have some formal training. Not to mention the time to practice and perfect my skills. It will have to do as a hobby for now though!
3. Pianist of some sort. Teacher? Performer? Adjudicator? Whatever. I took my Royal Conservatory Exams up until Grade 9....WHY DID I STOP THERE?! Royal Conservatory ends at Grade 10, and then you get your ARCT...and I would LOVE to take the time to get a degree in music! (Maybe some day I will?) I miss playing the piano and actually being able to play some of the trickier stuff. It's is going to be one of the first things I work on once I'm done school!
4. Interior Decorator. This has been one of my passions ever since Trading Spaces, but I just never really felt like I could justify trying to make a career out of it for some reason. Doesn't mean I love it any less though!


  1. Just so you know, you might be able to do it all. maybe. just not all at the same time! I'm wishing you were here to do some Grade 10 stuff with me. I'll be starting in the fall...maybe!

  2. DO IT ALL!!! You are young and have plenty of time..heck I just took up sewing..who knew I would actually enjoy it! I just happened across your blog, you are looking great!