Monday, June 16, 2008

Papa Ole

Let's face dad is amazing. He has taught me many valuable lessons throughout my life and has always provided an example for me. I could go on for days about why my dad is the coolest, but here's just 5 of the reasons why:

1. He has a great love and appreciation for the outdoors. For as long as I can remember, my dad has been taking our family hiking, camping, fishing, climbing, and whatever else we could think of to do...and he's no amature either. He can ramble off names of mountains and facts about their distances, elevations, and whatever else you could possibly want to know at the drop of a hat. His excitement for nature is definately one that is contagious, and it is because of him that I have come to love the outdoors so much.

2. He's a genius! Not only is he well educated, but my dad is always full of good advice. I may not always like to hear what he has to say in some situations, but let's face it...he's usually always right!

3. He loves the gospel. My dad has always taught me what is right and has helped me to understand the importance of living the gospel. I am grateful that he is a worthy Priesthood holder and that I know I can go to him for a blessing if I need it.

4. He's always good for a laugh. I remember in junior high all my friends used to think my dad was so serious. NOT TRUE. He actually has quite a quirky sense of humor, but I like it. I'll never forget him pursing his lips together just before we got to Wall Lake repeating "I want to go fishing!" over and over again....haha...yup, that's my dad!

5. He loves my mom, and our family. My dad has always been willing to sacrifice whatever it takes for our family, and he has always emphasized the importance of family vacations and spending time together.

Love ya dad-io!

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