Friday, June 27, 2008


At the beginning of the summer I posted a little "to do" list. Have I been working on it is the real question. Surprisingly, yes. Here's the low-down...

1. Become a runner
Well, it turned out that I had to work on the day of the 10K that I was supposed to run back in May, but I am, in fact, registered for the 10K in Raymond this coming Saturday. Bring it on. One perk to living in Edmonton during the summer is the beautiful river valley that I can go running in every day (that is...if I choose to go EVERY day.) I seriously LOVE running down there. Its just so peaceful, in the middle of the city but completely away from it all. In fact, just the other day I just crossed the LRT bridge and ran up into some coulee. Who knew that was there? Thats the joy of it all...I start exploring so much that I forget I am dying because I've been running for so long!
2. Improve my photography skills
Okay, I seriously LOVE my camera. Probably more than any other material possession I have at this point in my life. You can HAVE my car, but not my camera. I bought a portrait lens about a month ago, which I have concluded is the best investment I've made so far. A friend of mine is shooting a wedding tomorrow and asked me if I wanted to tag along, so hopefully that will give me some more experience and I'll get some good shots.
3. Learn to sew
Confession: I'm still stubborn when it comes to learning to sew. My mom loaned me her old sewing machine last weekend, doubting that I would ACTUALLY finish sewing anything on my own. Naturally, I wanted to prove her wrong, so I bought some material, and started making myself a dress.
Well, after 7 hours of STRAIGHT sewing yesterday, I FINALLY finished it. It wasn't quite what I had in mind, and sometimes when I put it on I feel like a Hutterite, but I still like it. Just don't look TOO closely at the sew job...I'm a beginner okay?
4. Bike Jasper to Banff
Stop laughing...its a work in progress! Initially this trip was supposed to happen at the end of May, but clearly that fell through, so the new plan is the end of August. I've been biking around the river valley a little, but training for this one is going to take some work...but just to clarify, I'm not backing out!
5. Hike like there's no tomorrow
This is quite possibly one of the main reasons I'm so excited to go home this weekend. WATERTON!! I just invested in some new hiking boots and am ready to introduce them to Akamina Ridge come Monday. Oh yeah!
So there you have it! My life so far this summer. I'm headed to Raymond for July 1st this weekend, which is never uneventful, so you can be assured there will be updates!


  1. it sounds like youre doing much better at your summer resolutions than me. I want to go hiking in Waterton with you!

  2. impressive.
    I'll volunteer to support you with all your goals, except sewing.... thats not a mutual one.
    Running? I'm in.
    Biking? sure.
    Hiking? Heck yes.

    You just need to get local amy, forget edmonton

  3. acamina ridge is a good one. we need to do something. I think I am coming up a little before bradys homecoming, or maybe a lot before. I dont know, but I will let you know, when i know.