Monday, June 16, 2008

The newest addition

Hiking is seriously my passion - if I could do it all summer long I would probably think I had died and gone to heaven. I decided that this summer I was going to do some hikes that I had never done before, including Crypt, Blakiston, and Chief. Well it just so turns out that my roomate Raquel is also an avid hiker and has done quite a bit of hiking in Glacier, so I've added a few to my list, including the Garden Wall and Elizabeth Lake. And this one...

We'll start at the top of Logan Pass, hike into Granite Park Chalet, then follow the Continental Divide, cross over down toward Kootenai Lakes and into Goat Haunt. 50 km give or take. One day. My biggest hike yet and oh am I pumped!


  1. i wish. someday, i guess...when the girlies are older.