Monday, April 28, 2008

The Greatest Friends...

I don't mean for this to be sappy, but if it turns that way, deal with it. jks. Okay, but really, I have had a fair number of roomates in my day, and love love loved them all. However, this past weekend I moved away from some of the greatest girls I have ever met, and I am sure going to miss them! Paige and Shayla have become two of my absolute best friends over the past year and a half and here are just a few memories I love about each of them:

1. Paige's undying enthusiasm to play dance dance with me on workout mode. Everyday.
2. Our spontaneous roadtrips to Lethbridge for "no" particular reason.
3. The way Paige's face lights up when I suggest making brownies...and yes, we ALWAYS leave enough batter to scrape the pot.
4. Gongshow piano duets.
5. Our ability to understand each other's inability to communicate effectively...(may sound confusing, but its true)
6. Pretending like we know how to snowboard.
7. Watching Disney movies and eating popcorn twists.
8. Tony Romo fumbling the ball last year to get the Cowboys eliminated from the playoffs. Enough said.
9. Breakfast 3 times a day (I have never met someone that has hot chocolate, toast, and cereal more than this girl does...)
10. Last but not least, watching Paige slide down the hill at Whitefish, head first, on her back, screaming at the top of her lungs while trying to dig her board into the snow. Good thing Eric saved her!

1. Shay clapping her hands to get my attention.
2. Our neon gang.
3. Cross country skiing and Waterton trips in winter.
4. Attempting to shove a futon into the trunk of my car.
5. DELICIOUS cookies. Even if they do stick to the plate...?
6. Constantly making Shay do my hair...what will I do without her?
7. Best shopping companion ever.
8. Hearing Shayla hum the tune to "Aloha O'e" in the kitchen. CONSTANTLY.
9. "Amay babay!"
10. Planning games nights and dance parties.

I cannot even begin to describe the influence that these two have had on my life. I could go on for days about our memories...I'll miss the late night chats (wondering WHY on earth I am still awake!), the sleepovers on the futon, "Christmas Eve", deep gospel discussions, attempting to fix our cars in -40 weather, and our endless plans of trips we're going to take. More important than the memories though are the qualities that I have developed as a result of my interaction with such wonderful people. I feel that I have become kinder, happier, more optimistic, enthusiastic, and more Christlike over the past year and a half because of the influence and example that Paige and Shayla have been to me. I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to live with them and will be forever grateful for their friendship. Love you guys!


  1. what about.. (sniff).. me? tricks! i know we'll always have our late night guitar sessions to remember.

  2. amen amy, amen. haha, i teared up!!! This is like a testimonial to me and paige lol, and i love it!! Amy, we will live together again, just you wait! :)

  3. noelle, I didn't forget you! You just ditched out and got married, that's all. I'll always have a special place in my heart for "We are sitting in my room, and its great. Soooo great..." You know the rest.