Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ahh...(thats a relaxing sigh, not a scream)

The past 2 days I kind of had a spurt of OCD and have FINALLY been unpacking all my stuff in my new apartment. As of this afternoon, I would like to announce that I am officially moved in, and it feels good. I looove my new apartment. Its so relaxing, and I especially love that my bedroom window overlooks Whyte Ave. Hmm....yup, moving was a good choice.


  1. Hey you busted! Cute blog girl! Looks like your having fun and enjoying life- You look cute and happy too!!
    Well just wanted to leave a comment! Leave me one - one day stalker girl ha ha!!
    Hope all is good ttyl!

  2. Wow what?! You moved?!
    Sounds like a rad place too..

    Accepting visitors?! I'm in.

  3. i didnt even know you moved. find me a place to live. just in case...