Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bloggy McBloggerton

For some reason I always thought blogs were for married people. However, Jessica has since informed me otherwise, and here I am, writing my first post. Best news in my life to date? I am finished school for FOUR WHOLE MONTHS! Donezo. No exams left. I couldn't be happier. Bring on the summer! Oh wait, I forgot that I live in Edmonton and it snowed last night. But really, I can't wait...I already have a list of things to do this summer, including:

1. become a runner...I'm supposed to be running a 10K with some friends in 2 weeks, and then another one on July 1st, and maybe a 20K in September? Okay, that might be pushing it.

2. learn how to use my camera/photoshop. I just bought a canon rebel xt and I love love love it but could probably benefit from knowing how it works. and if anyone wants to be a model...

3. learn to sew, including this dress. i always think back to my apron that I made in grade 7. my mom swears that had she seen the horrible tension and crooked lines, she would have made me unpick it all. since that day I have refused to learn to sew, but now I'm determined to make myself some dresses, scrubs, maybe a quilt, and whatever else I manage to think of.

4. bike jasper to banff. my roomate paige and I came up with this plan months ago, not really knowing how far it was. I just looked it up on mapquest...288 km. we haven't managed to get our bikes out of the garage yet...but it WILL happen.

5. hike, hike, hike! I loooove hiking, but for some reason always do the SAME hikes. Not this summer. I have 3 new ones in mind: Chief Mountain, Crypt, and Blackiston. Who wants to come?


  1. blackiston... im there!
    no really though... ok maybe not but yes on hiking and yes to us plaing in canada

  2. keep up the good work amus. You make me proud.
    and I will do all these things with you, but mostly chief. and also I will play with karl in canada.

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