Wednesday, September 30, 2015

3 Months!

 Oh man time goes so fast with a baby!  People always told me that it did, but you guys - it really does!  We are pretty much obsessed with Hazel and are loving watching her grow and figure the world out.  A few notables at 3 months:
 - 14 pounds and 24 inches long
 - she has the chunkiest thighs and most pinchable cheeks
 - she has become very vocal, particularly in the mornings
 - she sucks on her hands all day long
 - she is finally starting to tolerate driving in the car (hallelujah!)  
 - she still loves her bumbo, but gets tired in it sometimes
 - we tried to upgrade from the stroller bassinet to the seat, but decided it was a bit soon for that
 - she loves her baths
 - she tricked us into thinking that she sleeps through the night, and has been up 3 times a night this past week! (hoping this phase passes quickly!)  She does take longer naps though, which has been nice
 - she loves to look around at the world and take it all in

We love this little girl so much!

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