Monday, November 16, 2009

8,000 kms

So the past couple of months I've started to feel like I live out of my car. Some of you may agree with me when I tell you that since September 7, I have put 8,000 kms in my car, made 3 trips to Southern Alberta, 3 trips to Edmonton, and 6 trips to Canmore. I haven't spent more than 5 days in the same place for the past month and a half.


Maybe. But the past week I had some time off, so naturally, I hit the road. I headed to Raymond for a few days, watched Max's football game, delivered some wedding invitations, caught up with some long lost friends (again Kristin, so good to see you!), hung out with some not-so long lost friends (Shay and KJ, did I mention that your waffles were AMAZING?), and spent a beautiful winter day hiking in Waterton (which is ALWAYS worth any amount of driving)

Then, I spent a night in Calgary, had some girl talk, and ordered pizza. I have great roomates.

I then ventured up to Edmonton to put in a few shifts and make a little extra money. I love that city. I love the people there even more. Family Feud and nachos, burnt apple pie for breakfast, Brunch with D at the Sugarbowl (my new favorite...soooo good!), staying up until 2 or 3, planning Tabea's German wedding...just a great weekend all around.

332,500 kms on the neon and its going strong.

Now I remember why I don't mind so much driving...


  1. Amy, its so ridiculous thats its actually astounding. Brunch was so good. Lets do it again. Cinnamon bun for after breakfast this time.

  2. ahhh i wanna do brunch with you and d! i'm sad i missed edmonton this weekend!

  3. Thank you for the personal shout out. Made my day.
    I'm e-mailing you right now about pictures...

  4. try 10000 km in 4 weeks. but seriously, you are all over the place.