Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Like the rest of you, I too have been tagged on facebook. Here's 25 random things about me:

1. I LOVE steam rooms. You know, the "wet sauna" where the steam is so thick that it burns your nose when you breathe. In fact, I love them so much that sometimes I stick a towel under the door of my bathroom and turn on just the hot water...I love it.

2. I can justify buying just about anything. Its kind of a problem sometimes. My most recent purchase? A flash for my camera...I wish it would just hurry and get here!

3. I have a soft spot in my heart for the music of my childhood: U2, Manhattan Transfer, the Rankin Family (concert tomorrow night!), Oh What a Feeling (particularly Put Your Hand in the Hand and Seasons in the Sun). I owe it to my papa!

4. Despite my mother being an amazing seamstress, I really can't sew. I made a dress this spring and you should see the disaster that my seams are!

5. I can't go to bed when the house is a mess. Doesn't matter how late it is, I HAVE to clean it before going to sleep.

6. I have always wanted to be a morning person. And never have been.

7. I REALLY want to work for STARS someday. I'm like a little kid whenever I see their helicopter...I just sit and stare at it. In fact, I'm in my apartment watching it land on top of the U of A hospital right now.

8. I have an extremely short attention span. I'm doing good if I can sit down and watch a movie without getting up to do something else.

9. I don't like reading, despite my efforts to make myself like it. Remember when I wrote about reading Twilight? Yup, still on chapter 1.

10. I still kind of blame myself for my entire family getting stuck ontop of Crandall Mountain and having to bushwhack down for 6 hours (if you want that story just ask...gongshow.)

11. In my autobiography in grade 9 I wrote that I was going to be a cardiac surgeon. Now, here I am, 10 months from graduation in a 4 year program and I can't wait until I am finished.

12. I am very indecisive. About EVERYTHING. At restaurants I change my mind at least 5 times. And don't even get me started on my hair color. Blonde? Brown? I just don't know!

13. I have fungus toenails. Not really, but the one is thick and nasty and they don't know what's wrong with it. Maybe that was too much information...? haha.

14. I talk to my mom at LEAST 4 times a week. Its usually daily. More than once.

15. I love being home alone. (This is not to be confused with loving to be a hermit).

16. Waterton is my favorite place on earth. Period.

17. I have played the piano for 15 years and took lessons for 10. And I am still terrible at sight reading and ear tests.

18. I cry easily. I hate it. Someone says "Amy has big tear ducts" and what do I do? Prove them right...

19. I want to run a marathon some day. Soon. I know people say it doesn't sound fun at all, but I think it does. So there.

20. I don't like lasagna.

21. I could hike all day every day and be perfectly happy.

22. I want to go on a roadtrip to Yellowknife, but I can never convince anyone to come with me. Come on guys...its fun, I promise!

23. I'm coming to learn that I actually like cooking. I always thought I didn't until I tried it. Funny how that works.

24. I love Tiger ice cream and wish the old stuff would just come back. You know, the real good stuff where the licorice was grey instead of just the little black swirl. And the orange part was creamier instead of tasing like frozen orange juice. The new stuff just isn't the same...

25. I secretly want to go to Africa when I'm done school and do some sort of nursing/volunteer work. Maybe I'll go to Uganda with Ashley's dad...?


  1. tiger ice cream. . . i still dream about it. i didn't even know there was "new stuff", i thought they just completely did away with it! now i need some. old stuff, not new. . .lol.

  2. Tiger ice cream, eh? They have some and pizza's and cream in Cardston, but I didn't try it. I honestly was never a fan.
    As for Uganda, my dad is now done there but he is going to Rwanda and I am going with him so you should come with! Join Roterac and it'll save you money. I wish I could.

  3. shut up you KNOW i will come to yellowknife! this summer. blakes never been maybe he'd like to join!