Saturday, October 4, 2008

I have the greatest friends...

Its true. I do! They have Saturday afternoon chats that make my day. They make me DELICIOUS zuchinni soup. Sleepovers on the futon and watching the Sandlot? Check. And if I need a little advice from the experts, they are more than willing to take me for a little cruise and tell me how it is. They return my phone calls, even though I call about every day. They come to visit me. They listen to me change my mind about everything, every day, but still back me up with whatever I decide. And when I want to be spontaneous and learn how to make peach pie, they're up for it! They even teach me how to use Skype so I can see their smiling faces. They're the greatest. Seriously.


  1. You got Skpe finally?? Add me, add me!!

  2. i've tried! what is your name?

  3. amy, link my name to my NEW blog... do it do it dooo iiiit.