Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Jam Packed Weekend

This past weekend I pretty much ran from one thing to the next. No joke. I loved it were just a few of the events!

1. Enrichment. Complete with journal jars and TONS of leftover black forest cake. (It's in my freezer if anyone feels a sudden craving...)

2. 49th Annual Turkey Trot! Being my stubborn self, I ran the 8.5 km with a sore throat. I mean, I had already registered and picked up my shirt, I couldn't just bail! Besides, the turkey dinner on Sunday was WELL worth it.

3. Party party party! Friday's was complete with rockband, food, and dancing, while Saturday's had a more relaxed atmosphere of smores and the hot tub. Both were equally fantastic.
4. Dinner with the gang. Trevor even treated us ALL! Thanks Trev!

5. Relief Society Broadcast. Complete with a ham dinner. And honey mustard on my baked potato. Why didn't someone tell me it wasn't gravy?

6. Meetings galore! I just got called to be the new Relief Society President in my ward, so my Sundays are jam packed. I already love it'll keep me on my toes!

7. Last but not least, Shay, Jeff, and Josh came to visit! I love love love these guys!


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  2. Sounds like it was a party in E-town!
    I think you will make an Excellent Relief Society Pres.

    p.s. I have a blog now!! ahhh!!!