Thursday, April 24, 2014


I have a bad habit of getting sucked into things really easily.  When I was a teenager, I'd start cleaning the house and wouldn't stop until I have cleaned the whole thing top to bottom.  (Who am I kidding, I still do that.  My house is just a lot smaller now).  If I'm reading a good book, I do nothing else until its done.  Well, the most recent of my addictions has been web design.  I finally got a few professional programs and have slowly figured out how to use them.  Or at least enough to make it work.

Yesterday I woke up to a text from Jessica asking if I could tune up a few things on her blog.  Which turned into a full fledged work over.  But she and I will both tell you that it was much needed.  So naturally, when I couldn't sleep at 1 AM and B had been sound asleep for hours, I did a little revamping of my own:

You like that display?  I'm pretty proud of it.  Mostly because it took me an hour to figure it out.  Baby steps…

 photo amy_zpsa89341cb.png

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