Sunday, September 22, 2013

We're Alive!

We're alive!  Its crazy how fast time flies...I feel like we just moved to Australia, but in just 51 days we'll be on our way home for Christmas...which means a whole year down.  Crazy!  But life is great here in Brisbane.  So here's a little update on us:

Brandon is staying busy with school and will officially be halfway done medical school come November!  He's in the Elder's Quorum presidency, so between the two he stays fairly busy.  And as for me, I've gone from being an unemployed, stay at home wife to working a couple of jobs.  Totally should have milked the stay at home wife while I had the chance!  But someone's gotta bring home the bacon.  haha.  So I'm working full time in Pediatric Intensive Care at a nearby hospital and doing photography the weekends.  And I just jumped onto the Scentsy boat, so between the three I'm staying pretty busy too!  I just got called into the Young Women's Presidency today, so I'm pretty excited about that.  I haven't been in Young Women's since I was a teenager, so it'll be fun.

Anyways, we've got heaps to catch everyone up on, but we decided this blog was a good way of keeping everyone up to date!  We try to get out and see Australia as much as we can when we've got time off, so here's a few pictures from our trip to Sydney a couple months ago!  We went in June, so it was a little cool, but it didn't stop us from having a great time.  We stayed in a hotel right under the Harbor Bridge, which was the perfect location.  Close to the sites and heaps of good food.  We toured the Opera House, took the ferry to Manly Beach, went to the markets, visited Chinatown, and of course, made a Costco run (that $2 hot dog was SO worth the 2 hour journey).  We're loving life!
This hall was too incredible for words.
 Brandon wouldn't let me go to Luna Park...I just can't figure out why!
 The hotel we stayed at:
Pancakes on the Rocks did not disappoint! B's breakfast of chocolate pancakes topped with thick cream, chocolate ice cream, strawberries, and chocolate sauce was clearly delicious AND nutritious!
And of course my breakfast of banana pancakes topped with thick cream, ice cream, and carmel sauce was equally delicious.

 Our last day in Sydney it POURED rain, so we went to the aquarium.  Both of us didn't expect much, but it was actually really impressive!  Of course I didn't take many pictures (I need to work on that...) but it was sweet!
 Pancakes on the Rocks again?  How did that happen?!

So there's a quick little update on our lives!  More updates to come!


  1. Oh how I miss Pancakes on the Rocks. And the Sydney Harbour. Oh yeah, and the people too. Definitely the people...*cough* Looking good team!

  2. I love catching up with the steeds. Come keep me company in Raymond!

  3. Ah! I'm so jealous of you fun life right now! You guys are just the cutest couple. I love it. Can't wait to see you when you come home! How nice of you to come home just for my birthday! You shouldn't have :)