Friday, May 27, 2011

Reasons My Mom Is Sweet

May is a great month in the Erickson household...Mother's Day AND madre's birthday. Double wammy! I have arguably the sweetest mom in the world. And I use the word sweet in all of its definitions: sweet as in loving, selfless, and kind; sweet as in freaking awesome; sweet as in the epitome of everything that I aspire to be...ect. (you get the jist). Well here's just a few reasons why Snooz, Suze, Madre, (insert any other nicknames here) is sweet:

1) She is just so much fun! As many of you may know, my dad is an AVID fisherman. So naturally my mom joins in on the fun!
Screen shot 2011-05-26 at 11.39.20 PM
I think alot of wives would send their husband out the door with a sack lunch, but not this girl. She's even had private fly fishing lessons (and she's not half bad either!)
Not to mention she's great company for a day on the river...

2) She is amazingly talented. There have been SEVERAL times that I have gone home and she's whipped up a new quilt. Or grad dress. Or whatever she feels like sewing at the time. Including the famous "Bronco Libre" costumes. (Yeah, she made these like 2 days before Jessica's wedding while we were staying in Boise. One day I'll be a nice sister like her)

3) She always looks her best, no matter what she's doing. Even on Christmas morning!
Christmas Holidays 035
(pretty sure that picture incriminates me more than her, but it's all for the cause)

4) She makes DELICIOUS chocolates. And even though she threatens to stop making them EVERY year, we know that she will always cave...
Screen shot 2011-05-26 at 11.38.56 PM
(note the massive jug in front of her. Yes, that is full of Diet Coke. She also knows the healthy balance of Coke and chocolate).

5) She's just so dang lovable. And loves her grandbabies!

6) For any of you who experienced her as a Show Choir leader, you may remember her rocking out to this song for warm ups:

7) She keeps me informed on everything important. Like today when she called me at work to make sure that I knew there is a green VW van on Cars 2.

8) She's real cool. As much as I thought it was so typical for a Mormon girl to go be a nurse just like her mom...she's given me a pretty good role model to follow. Career wise, and life wise. She's sweet.

9) She loves Canada!
Summer 025
(I'm going to get it for posting this...)

10) She's all about the fun. Did I already mention that? I will never forget my grade 12 year after the Sugar Bowl dance. SOMEHOW word got out that the party was going to our house. Yeah right! It was 2 in the morning! Well, I ran home before anyone got there to inform my parents, and what do they do? Get out of bed and start making food! All about the fun. She also likes early morning birthday breakfasts at Subway
(this is from last year...Grandma and Grandpa kidnapped her from work after doing a night shift...they even dressed up in their Sunday best for the occasion!)
All about the fun!

11) She supports my obsession with Waterton, and goes on little excursions with me!

I could go on for days about all the great things about my mom. I really am the luckiest daughter in the world to have such a great friend for my mom. She has always been so patient and understanding with me and has ALWAYS supported me in whatever I have chosen to do. Not to mention she listens to me ramble when I call her 3534612354 times a day and listens to all of my crazy ideas. And although I know she's probably thinking I am a total lunatic, she never tells me that! She is full of energy, love, and kindness, and I can only hope that one day I am half the woman she is. Love you mom!


  1. aw, you do have a great mom! love her! and love you too! (have I mentioned that I'm jealous of you every time you blog?)!!

  2. Your mom is really fabulous. One of my favorite people of all time! As are you! We need to get together...

  3. I LOVED all the pictures of Susie! You know I love your mom, but I'll tell you again. I love your mom! (and you stranger!)

  4. I love me a good Suz!! She is the best!

  5. Mike and I both think your Mom is the coolest too, so I will jump on the bandwagon and tell you. She must be why you are so awesome.

  6. Your mom is one of my all time favourite people. She helped our family through our toughest time...I still remember all the crazy times in RS and YW...How can you not love her :)