Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Where I Spend My Time

The past month has been just a tad bit crazy, to say the least. I am now done school in Edmonton and am 2 months from graduation! Its so crazy, but super exciting. I've been all over the place the past month, from being somewhat homeless in Edmonton, moving to Calgary, going home for Conference/Pre-Thanksgiving dinner weekend, and now, spending a little bit of time here:

Okay, to be honest...I've spent more time here than anything, but still...
Canmore is BEAUTIFUL! I am doing my final placement at the Canmore Hospital, and so far I love it! I have worked 2 days in the Emergency Department and have learned a ton. And realized how much I don't know...

Not to mention, I am 3 for 3 with my IV starts!

But seriously, this place is amazing. And I lucked out bigtime by having a condo to stay in for free whenever I want. I'm glad all that extra work is paying off. This was a great decision.

And life is great, I can't complain.


  1. Sounds like life a la Amy is going well, no? I love the pictures...I assume you took's nice to see what you're up to! Are you coming to Nikki's wedding; when will I ever see you again!?

  2. Canmore certainly is gorgeous, that is awesome that you get to stay there, and that you are so close to being done!!! YAY! You have worked so hard, congrats on the upcoming graduation! where will life take you next?

  3. i'm a little jealous - ok - a lot jealous. see you tonight?

  4. Awesome pictures Amy! Graduation. Its so good/weird. Come to Salt Lake sometime

  5. I am 99.9% sure you took a picture of the Raymond Hospital and photoshopped it to say Canmore. I could do that if I had photoshop too!

  6. mmm... Canmore is beautiful. But then again I kinda am in love with Alberta so I may be biased to any place that calls Alberta home. Glad its going well tho.

  7. Also... I totally thought it was the raymond hospital before I read the caption... weird right?