Wednesday, May 6, 2009

LOVE these two!

I still remember Paige calling me a little less than a year ago from Seattle, all excited about this Kurt guy that she had met at her cousin's wedding. I just kind of laughed at her, but turns out they ended up getting married! Who would have thought? They're great though, I love them both!

I got the chance to go down to Idaho Falls for their wedding. It was a packed weekend complete with border delays (hour and a half...thank you unresolved student visas!), terrible sleeps in nice hotel rooms, Target runs between temple/family dinner, lots of laughing/crying, too many M&Ms/Reeses, chocolate covered cheese cubes (let's just say I'm a little too trusting...), too many hours on the road, reading Twilight, McDonalds breakfasts, and I15 "Business loops". So much fun!

Breakfast for a bride!


  1. what? you were in idaho falls and didn't call me? lol. jk, i know you were busy. fun times, beautiful pictures, gorgeous bride!!!

  2. Pretty! Looks like a very nice wedding! Paige looked great!

  3. Aw, Paige... she looked amazing! P.S amy you should call me! haha