Sunday, April 12, 2009

I'm addicted

My latest addiction: climbing. A little over a month ago I took my belay certification and my roomate Laura and I have gone almost every day since. Seriously, its an addiction. So yesterday we got a few people together and went up to Waterton to climb. It was so much fun! I'm not going to lie, when we got there I wasn't convinced that it was hard enough climbing, and I thought we would be able to just fly up the rock...wrong. It was actually pretty challenging in parts, which was good. Not to mention how the rock destroyed my hands! Its not quite the same as climbing on an indoor wall...who would have thought? Anyways, here's a few pictures! Hopefully there will be more of these trips this summer...


  1. Fun! I miss climbing. I'll have to join you on one of your excursions. But maybe it's been too long...

  2. hey, its never been too long. i hadn't gone in like, 10 years at least. and Nikki, yes, that is your little brother. haha.

  3. uh-oh. you even changed your banner to a photo of you rock climbing.
    holy bananas, amy. you are INTENSE.
    also, dave & i really wanted to come out that day, but, alas, family, hay fever & homework all called a little louder than the mountains, which is seriously impressive.
    i hate finals.
    let's be friends.