Tuesday, April 28, 2009

101 in 1001

As some of you may know, I LOVE to make lists. I stumbled across this on someone's blog and decided to make a list myself. Its 101 things to accomplish in 1001 days. As each one is completed, you blog about it, and cross it off the list. I had a bit of a hard time coming up with 101, but here they are! This should be fun...haha.

Start date: April 28, 2009.
End date:January 24, 2012 The day I die.

1. Run a half marathon (09/05/2009)
2. Read Preach my Gospel
3. Give away 5 Books of Mormon with my testimony written inside (0/5)
4. Graduate from Nursing (18/12/2009)
5. Sew a quilt
6. Pay off my student loans (01/12/2012)
7. Take a photography course (18/10/2011)
8. Take a photoshop course
9. Take my Grade 10 Royal Conservatory Piano Exams
10. Learn to lead climb (09/06/2009) 
11. Go caving at Gargantua
12. Visit the Sacred Grove
13. Visit a foreign country to do humanitarian work (04/02/2011)
14. Hike the West Coast Trail (29/08/2009) 
15. Read the Book of Mormon in Spanish
16. Write 1 missionary a month for a year (15/01/2014)
17. Write in a journal every day for 3 months (0/90)
18. Write meaningful letters to 10 people (0/10)
19. Shoot 5 weddings (19/12/2009)
20. Go skydiving (17/02/2010)
21. Host a dinner party (10/11/2013)
22. Put away $100 a month for a year (31/10/2013)
23. Donate to the Perpetual Education Fund
24. Make and keep a budget for 4 months

25. Get one of my pictures made into a canvas
26. Learn a new instrument
27. Have my dad teach me to fly fish (and actually catch one!) (08/08/2010)
28. Do a photoshoot of each of my siblings (28/05/2011)
29. Go to Conference (03/04/2010)
30. Make a recipe book (01/12/2009)
31. Get a fisheye lens 70-200 2.8L lens (02/11/2013)
32. See Niagara Falls
33. Read the Miracle of Forgiveness (01/12/2010)
34. Tag along with a professional wedding photographer (06/04/2013)
35. Go scuba diving (again!) (10/04/2012)
36. Plant and take care of a garden
37. Submit names for temple work
38. Hike Vimy to Crypt Lake (25/08/2012)
39. Read 10 books in a year (31/12/2010)
40. Go on a ride along with STARS (18/05/2011)
41. Sew myself 3 dresses (15/03/2011)
42. Go whitewater rafting (22/01/2011)
43. Do my visiting teaching every month for a year
44. Go on a picnic
45. Finish the Harry Potter books (0/3 left!)
46. Learn how to change my own car oil
47. Shoot film and learn to develop it myself
48. Refinish an old piece of furniture (15/06/11)
49. Learn to make peach pie
50. Drink 8 glasses of water every day for a month (31/03/2010)
51. Be in bed by 10:00 every day for a week (0/7)
52. Spend a day with each of my siblings (0/3)
53. Go kayaking (15/02/2010)
54. Volunteer at 3 different events/occasions (0/3)
55. Attend a musical I've never seen before (10/07/2011)
56. Go to a ballet
57. Add to my autobiography (high school-present)
58. Write down my memories of my Grandma and Grandpa Erickson
59. Write down my memories of my Grandma and Grandpa Dudley
60. Go without pop for 6 months (30/11/2009)
61. Memorize 1 scripture a week for 3 months
62. Go to the San Diego Zoo
63. Cook a turkey dinner (10/11/2013)
64. Knit/crochet a scarf
65. Read all of the Standard Works
66. Run in a benefit race
67. Swim with dolphins
68. Make 10 pieces of jewelry (0/10)
69. Spend a weekend by myself in the mountains
70. Visit the Telus World of Science
71. Make ice cream
72. Sell something on Etsy
73. Sleep under the stars (24/07/09)
74. Plant a tree
75. Learn to make salsa
76. Go to a drive in movie
77. Do a triathalon
78. Make and send 10 people birthday cards (0/10)
79. Read the Ensign from cover to cover for 6 months
80. Enter a photography competition
81. Do 3 engagement shoots (28/10/2009)
82. Hike Chief Mountain (14/08/2010)
83. Frame one of my own shots of the temple
84. Do the 12 Days of Christmas for someone
85. Design a photography logo (01/09/2013)
86. Learn flash photography
87. Bike from the Waterton townsite to Red Rock
88. Play a piano solo in church
89. Ask someone for advice and take it
90. Compliment 5 people a day for a week (0/7)
91. Make chocolates with my mom (09/12/2013)
92. Backpack Stony Indian Pass (05/08/2011)
93. Go on a roadtrip to Vancouver
94. Read Jesus the Christ
95. Make sushi (05/08/2009) 
96. Shop at the thrift store once a month for 3 months (0/3)
97. Go to Thailand
98. Learn to make croissants from scratch
99. Create and stick to a daily schedule for one week (0/7)
100. Exercise 5 times a week for 6 months
101. Buy a hammock and sleep in it (01/08/2011)


  1. WOW AMY! Very Impressssive! I will support you as you try and achieve these goals these next couple years!

  2. i love love love your list amy, you have so many great things to accomplish, i have no doubt that you will get to all of them.

    you seriously haven't read all of harry potter yet? how can this be? you better get on it, the 6th movie comes out in july! loll.

  3. Grade 10 piano exams - I'm laughing. Not because I think you can't do it, but because if you are I'm SO doing it too!
    I loved your list. It made me feel good that I'd actually done some of them.
    Amy's goal of increasing Kristin's self-esteem: accomplished.
    Yeah right, I know that was definitely not your intention. I loved it though.

  4. I should have told you about this sooner!! I am almost a year into mine...I should have know our love for list making would unite us once again!! :) go amy go!!

  5. Amy how much do we have in common?! Haha as I started reading I thought is this my list?? Love it! Mine is supposed to be done in a few more months which means I really need to get going!

  6. i believe i can help with a few of these. when do you want to do vimy to crypt? also, sacred grove and any other travelling ones im game this summer.

  7. i believe i can help with a few of these. when do you want to do vimy to crypt? also, sacred grove and any other travelling ones im game this summer.