Monday, February 23, 2009

Quick trip

This past weekend I had a quick little trip down to Southern Alberta to visit some of my favorite people:

Payton. Love this kid. He left today for the Indonesia Jakarta Mission. Gave a GREAT farewell talk on listening to the Spirit. I never really had a cousin live close to me that was my age, so I tagged along with Jess and Payt every once in a while. I'm going to miss him! Maybe my missionary writing skills will improve over the next 24 months....ha. Grandpa E. (aka oogly-boogly candy). He just turned 90 last month, and is now in the hospital for palliative care, so we stopped by for a visit. I even had the grand opportunity of clipping his toenails...? (hey, when your 90 year old grandpa asks you to do do it, right?)

Shayla. She's getting married March 21, so we spent an afternoon looking at ideas for pictures (it'll be my first wedding on my own!), I saw her BEAUTIFUL dress, discussing plans, and of course, a bridal shower. So much fun. Love you Shay! The fam jam. We didn't get a decent family picture over Christmas so we went out on Sunday morning and took some pictures. I think the dogs might have even been focussed enough to get a good picture.
Well there you have it. The rest of my Reading Week I actually spent reading...go figure. That is, when I wasn't working short-shifts and overtime...I wrote one final today and have another one in the morning, then I'm back on the road home for the rest of the week! (except this time I'll get to relax!)
Oh yeah, did I mention I'm back to brunette? Maybe I'll stay brunette now...but knowing my decisiveness, its not likely


  1. I'm glad you had a good week! It was fun to see you! Are we going to get together this next time? Lets! I really enjoyed our chat. I've missed you!

  2. holy eyes amy! that last pic is kind of freaking me out cause your eyes are so piercing! super cute family pics too, i went and checked them out! good luck on the wedding pics. you'll do great.