Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Holidays

Were fantastic! They always are! They started off with the Christmas Sweater Party (don't be too jealous of that beauty...I had to dig through the racks at Thrift Village for it!)
Then was the Dahl Christmas party (no pictures apparently...), which is always a treat. This year was especially eventful with Braden as a wiseman, hobbling in on his cane, then breaking his gift on Mary's lap.
Next on the agenda was the dinner party at Maya's. LOVE these parties. Great food, fantastic company, the best memories, and just an overall good time.

Oh, and did I mention, SEVERAL great games of Stack 'Em? Cuz we love that game, especially Tyler.

We ended off the night with a classic family photo in front of the tree.
Up next...Christmas Eve with the Dudleys! I LOVE the pajamas this year...
All the chillins in a row...minus a few. (21 to be exact)Christmas morning stair picture! Its a classic. Hil's first Christmas with the fam jam. It was so much fun! We played Guitar Hero pretty much all Christmas long.
The rest of Christmas holidays were filled with trips to Westcastle, sledding, cross country skiing in Waterton then crashing the truck into the guardrail (oops...sorry mom and dad! Good thing it was on the side that was already dented...)

Well there ya have it! My life for the past few weeks. Now I'm back in Edmonton, and back to the reality of school, paying bills, realizing I'm a student and making a budget to go along with it, having to be responsible, NOT eating everything in sight, getting back to running (its been too long...) you know, all that routine, New Year's Resolution stuff.


  1. did jessica wear her prom dress to the dinner party? also PHONE CALL!

  2. did you take that last shot of the cow? its awesome!