Saturday, November 1, 2008


Gotta love Halloween! I've never really been one to go all out, but I just love seeing what everyone comes up with! Here's a few...
Care bearsAn oompa loompa and a couple of Whos
Part of the periodic table...they did have the whole thing between 5 of them. Probably one of my favorites!

A couple of "Spice" girls. Also another good one.

She even smelled like the real thing!

Pebbles, Mafia, a Tornado, and Darla!

Miss Peacock and Miss Scarlet. They also had the whole gang.

Darla and Alfalfa!
CLEARLY I'm a tornado! haha...okay, so I got a few weird looks, but whatever. Don't the tractor and sheep kind of give it away? maybe not?

Aunt Jemima!


  1. so that's not exactly how i envisioned my tornado costume, but you tried, right?

  2. i know, i know...its not exactly how I invisioned it either, but whatever.