Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oh WHY do I live in an apartment?

Seriously. I went home this past weekend and met the 5 cutest chocolate labs EVER! Lucky, Daisy, Sage, Molly, and Bubba. I just want one SO DANG BAD. I could keep it on my balcony couldn't I?


  1. I WANT ONE!!! They are BEAUTIFUL! How was your thanksgiving? I hope it was great! Just so you know, I love your blog! It makes me feel like I actually do talk to you sometimes!

  2. AMY!! You have a blog!! I love it! Your Mom bought one of the puppies over here today when she was dropping off money for super saturday... so cute! Luckily we just got a golden retreiver puppy and I have got my puppy fix for awhile!

  3. I just realized that you knew I had a blog... you had a link to mine on yours... crazy blog stalker :P