Saturday, September 6, 2008

The hike that wasn't...

I have been looking forward to this hike all summer. ALL SUMMER! So when my roomate Raquel and I decided to finally go hike over Stony Indian Pass I was pumped. Well, we ALMOST made it. We hiked from Chief Mountain Customs into the foot of Glenn's lake where we camped overnight. And got poured on. All night long. Whatever right? It'll clear up by morning! Wrong. 6:30 the next morning we woke up to thick dark clouds over the pass and had to hike out the way we came. But hey, what can ya do? There's always next year. We still had a great time though setting up camp, doing some fishing, and still enjoying the beautiful scenery.

1 comment :

  1. HEY! You girls did it! ... (almost?)
    Thats pretty much what we did, hiked in and out the same way.
    It's still an amazing hike (sure makes it long coming out that way though!)

    I'm impressed, amy. Thats an intense hike, with a pack too.