Monday, July 7, 2008

Oh Canada

I wish this would have shown up bigger, but I'll have to work on my techno the meantime it'll do.
So I went home for July 1st weekend...very likely one of my favorite holidays of the year. How can I not love the flags up and down mainstreet, the parade, pancake breakfast, 10K, rodeo, fireworks, Aunt Carols, Heritage Days program (riiight). I just love it ALL. Here are some of the highlights from my weekend.
1. Running the 10K. I talked Jessica into running it with me...which turned into me ditching her and going back to run the last 3 blocks with her.
2. Another fantastic scone party. Who can go wrong with coconut syrup?
3. Learning to wakeboard!! FINALLY, I can say that I have gotten up (and STAYED up) on a wakeboard. Its about time!
4. July 1st in general. Everything about it. From beginning to end.
5. The 2nd Annual Dudley Golf Scramble. For some reason I'm always on Grandpa Dudley's team. And for some reason we always get last...thanks to me or him? We'll never know...

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